Bitcoin Trader Reviews 2021 | Robot Trading Reliable or Not?

We have decided in this Bitcoin Trader is a functional and well-established automatic trading software. This bot promises to win 96% of trades and gen

  We have decided in this Bitcoin Trader is a functional and well-established automatic trading software. This bot promises to win 96% of trades and generate € 1,300 per day. However, some people question its reliability. Bitcoin Trader reviews to examine this software to determine if this software is really reliable or not.

Bitcoin Trader Review: Trusted Crypto Robot?

There are a lot of questions about the legitimacy of Bitcoin Trader .

Bitcoin Trader states that it is quite possible to earn up to € 1300 per day, and that it has a high profit ratio of 60%.

With such claims, it is normal to wonder if Bitcoin Trader is a reliable site or not.

Bitcoin Trader users can trade on this software but should be aware of the risks associated with trading before starting.

Bitcoin Trader: What is it?

Created in 2017 by Gary Roberts, Bitcoin Trader is an automatic cryptocurrency trading software.

The software claims to work using sophisticated artificial intelligence and claims to be able to empower its users to develop a portfolio of passive income.

The robot suggests that its users will have the opportunity to increase their financial means even if they are not proficient in trading and according to Bitcoin Trader, to earn € 1,300 per day.

Bitcoin Trader: How Does It Work?

This trading robot requires a deposit of € 250 to start and supposedly trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies automatically 24/7.

Once your funds are deposited, the robot routes your funds to regulated brokers like UFX and then starts placing trades for the user.

The software is supposed to analyze the markets and open and close trades using multiple trading signals and indicators.

The funds are then allegedly placed in the investor's account and can be withdrawn on the same day.

How to register on Bitcoin Trader?

We will now explain how to register and trade on this robot.

The first step is to visit the Bitcoin Trader site available here and register.

The procedure is quite simple and only takes a few minutes. You will need to scroll down to see the registration form.

Then, you will have to indicate the required information:

Step 2: Use the Demo Account

Before you start trading, the platform will give you the opportunity to trade in demo mode. The latter is practical because it teaches you how to trade and allows you to gain experience in the matter.

Step 3: Deposit Funds

Then you will need to deposit funds. The minimum amount is € 250.

After entering the amount to deposit, you can choose the payment method among those available on the platform.

For a start, we recommend that you do not exceed the sum of € 250. Indeed, you should always keep in mind that trading involves risks and it is important to protect your investment.

Step 4: Adjust settings and activate auto-trading

Once you are done with demo mode and feel ready, you can move on to real money cryptocurrency trading.

You will be able to choose between several currency pairs: BTC / EUR, BTC / USD, XPR / EUR, etc.

Then you will need to make settings and click a button to activate auto trading.

Main Features of Bitcoin Trader Reviews

Here are the main features of Bitcoin Trader.

Ease of use

Bitcoin Trader claims that you won't have a hard time using their software. The system is supposedly automatic and it takes care of carrying out the transactions for you thanks to their artificial intelligence technology.

Having said that, we believe that it is best to have some knowledge about trading before you start and to know the risks associated with automated bots.

The process of withdrawing and depositing at Bitcoin Trader is quite easy. Money is deposited immediately and payments are completed within 24 hours.

Payment / withdrawal methods are listed there and you will need to choose the one that suits you.

Bitcoin Trader Service Fees Reviews

After each trading session, a service fee is calculated and deducted by the system. These are reasonable and the deduction process is fairly transparent.

Bitcoin Trader Customer Service Reviews

Customer service of any service is important. It allows you to get in touch with advisers and find solutions to your problems:

  • available 24/7
  • accessible to everyone
  • live chat option.
  • Affiliation with Regulated Brokers

During our examination, we found that Bitcoin Trader is affiliated and remotely supervised by regulated brokers such as:

EuropeFX is a broker that operates in a strict regulatory environment and is MiFID compliant.

UFX also operates under a very strict regulatory framework.

As a security, Bitcoin Trader has several measures to protect traders' information such as SSL protocol and anti-hacking measures.

How Much Money Can I Make With Bitcoin Trader?

According to Bitcoin Trader, it is possible to earn up to € 1,300 per day, with a success ratio of 92%.

In our opinion, this figure seems a bit exaggerated and we suggest that users should not expect such high returns when trading with this software. All benefits reported by this robot are neither guaranteed nor proven.

Testimonials and Opinions of Bitcoin Trader Users

When we scoured Bitcoin Trader reviews online, we found many mixed reviews from users who used the service.

Half of them were positive

The other half were negative.

Some users called this software a scam

Others have reported making between 500 and 1000 € per day with this robot.

Since experiences can vary widely, we suggest you try it out at your own risk and only invest what you can afford.

It is important to note that it is not easy for new traders to access the profits noted in the testimonials.

Profits can vary widely and depend on the user, trading settings and many other factors.

We must not forget the risks and volatility of the cryptocurrency market.

Therefore, as a new trader, we always recommend that you start trading with the minimum deposit (€ 250), and set investment limits.

Has Bitcoin Trader Appeared On TV?

There have been many rumors circulating all over the internet that Bitcoin Trader has appeared on TV shows. We did some research, and the results showed us that these rumors are not true.

Dragon's Den and Bitcoin Trader

Dragon's Den is a rather popular TV show that highlights entrepreneurs looking for investors.

This show has been associated with Bitcoin Trader, although we have no certainty that it is actually affiliated with the software. In fact, one of the show's hosts, Naomi Simpson, denied any link between Dragon's Den and Bitcoin Trader.

Therefore, if you find an advertisement that states such an affiliation, ignore it!

Shark Tank and Bitcoin Trader Reviews

Shark Tank is a show similar to Dragon's Den. Once again, rumors have circulated that Bitcoin Trader is associated with the latter. This rumor is completely false and the software is not affiliated with the show.

Bitcoin Trader and Celebrities

One of the best ways to generate traffic and influx is through celebrities. By endorsing the brand, they succeed in convincing their fans to join the products and / or services they represent.

When it comes to Bitcoin Trader, there have also been rumors that the software has an association with celebrities including: Peter Jones, Elon Musk, Gordon Ramsay.

However, all of these personalities have refuted any claims that they have any connection or actions with Bitcoin Trader.

These marketing tactics were created by affiliate marketers to generate sales and are not true. It is for these marketing techniques that many people call Bitcoin Trader a scam.

We must note that while these claims are completely false, it does not necessarily mean that the software is a scam and does not work. Bitcoin Trader exists and is operational.

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