In what currency do you invest in 2021?

The year 2020 was, as we had all seen, the year of all records for crypto currencies and mainly for Bitcoin. In 2021, the goal is to seize all the opp

 The year 2020 was as we had all seen the year of all the records of cryptocurrencies and mainly Bitcoin. In 2021, the goal is to seize all the opportunities that will arise in this sector regardless of the type of cryptocurrency.

To do this, you need to study the market well to have a better knowledge of the fluctuations that are sometimes up or down in order to make an interesting investment. Unfortunately, when it comes to cryptocurrencies, forecasts are not always accurate. In which cryptocurrency to invest in 2021 to minimize risks and hope for good returns?

Promising cryptocurrencies to invest in in 2021

After a year strongly marked by the health crisis, 2021 presents new opportunities in this financial sector.

1- The Bitcoin or BTC

The cryptocurrency market is now experiencing unprecedented saturation. But to invest in a less risky cryptocurrency in the long or medium term, the ideal is to turn to the number 1 market leader; Bitcoin! Indeed, Bitcoin has not ceased to prove itself since its creation.

As of its inception, there were only 21 million BTC on the market; no more and no less. However, every four years, production or 'mining' is reduced by half, resulting in a declining supply and an ever greater demand. Thus, Bitcoin is constantly gaining value even after its bearish phases.


We could have mentioned Ethereum, or Ripple right away. But since the goal is to target promising cryptocurrencies in the future, our analyses are focused on Tezos. Being able to earn up to 7% in one year, the Tezos is fully protected by the Proof-of-Stake security system. Since 2019, the XTZ has been steadily growing and the result of the analyzes converge on an excellent future for investors of this cryptocurrency.

3- MakerDAO; MKR, DAI

The MakerDAO is a cryptocurrency whose protection system is quite reassuring. After its three years of existence and stability, the MKR is counting on the year 2021 to climb and multiply in order to become the main currency of the Ethereum system.

4- Cosmos ; ATOM

Cosmos is a very promising token. Working with a blockchain network technology, the token ranks among the cryptos whose price has exploded as of 2020. In 2021, it continues on the same momentum since on January 1, the token price was € 4.97. It gradually increased until reaching the record of € 8.42 on January 19.

It then experienced a bearish phase, but remained above the €5.50 mark. If it is necessary to consider the fact that the year 2021 has not yet come to an end, one can only hope for good omens.

5- Clergy; KFN

Kleros provides you with a kind of juror role in a decentralized court where you will only have to take advantage of conflicting parties. The outstanding reserves of this token are 610,797,417 PNK in all. The year 2021 should be the year of its explosion with integrations expected and given the prices of the token. However, nothing is sealed yet.

Cryptos are taking the reins. If he tries to join the adventure, do not hesitate to go to secure platforms to mark your first steps!

The cryptocurrencies presented above have been on the market for some time. To date, they are among the most successful in the world. However, there are other projects in the blockchain universe. This is the case of the Energyfi project and its EFI token.

What is it about? In fact, Energyfi is a decentralized finance platform also called a DeFi. In practical terms, this is a financial system that does not rely on centralized organizations such as banks or stock exchanges. Which gives full power to users.

Unlike other DeFi platforms, Energyfi's official website advertises decentralized finance that is more environmentally friendly. Indeed, this platform intends to work for a reduction of the carbon footprint generated by blockchains that are too energy-intensive. This concept will revolutionize the world of crypto, and attract a lot of investors according to CryptoFinder.

This platform should also optimize the security of funds thanks to its automatic liquidity locking function. This is due to the quality of its smart contracts that will be more reliable.

Finally, note that most Energyfi functions will be accessible only to holders of its EFI token. There will also be strong rewards for users who will dispose of them as soon as possible. So, apart from Bitcoin and other cryptos, think also about Energyfi and its digital coin EFI that are coming very soon.

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