Evaluate the amount of your compensation in the event of an accident in the United States

Advice from Maître Tsion Chudnovsky, personal injury and criminal defense lawyer and member of the French District in Los Angeles.

 Advice from Maître Tsion Chudnovsky, personal injury and criminal defense lawyer and member of the French District in Los Angeles.

If you're considering filing a personal injury claim from a car accident or any other type of serious injury, you might be wondering "How much is my case worth?" Find out how insurance companies and American courts determine the amount to be paid in the case of lawsuits for bodily injury and car accidents.

General rules for assessing damage

Under US law, the person or entity responsible for an accident (usually insurance companies) may be required to pay an injured person for their costs, such as:

  • Medical fees
  • Property damage and auto repairs
  • Loss of current income
  • Loss of future income
  • Estimation of future medical costs

In addition to the amounts of money spent and lost above, defendants are also liable for other "general damages" that can vary widely depending on the facts, the skill of your personal injury attorney, and the defendant.

General damage may include:

  • Permanent physical disability or disfigurement
  • Loss of family, social and educational experiences
  • Emotional damage resulting from the above

While it's generally straightforward to keep track of money spent and money lost, there's no precise way to quantify pain and suffering, missed experiences, and lost opportunities. How insurance companies and courts calculate these general damages can vary widely. The skill of your personal injury attorney and experts is key to maximizing general damages.

What factors increase the amount of the damage assessment?
The following are important factors in determining your overall damage and injury case value:
  • Is your injury very painful?
  • Is your medical treatment invasive and long-lasting?
  • Is the medical evidence of your injury very obvious?
  • Will your recovery be long?
  • Are your injuries serious, visible and permanent?
Punitive damages
Where a defendant's conduct is found to be particularly serious or highly reckless, he may be ordered to pay punitive damages, in addition to all of the foregoing awards.

Punitive sentences are intended to punish an accused and deter future bad behavior. It is not uncommon for punitive damages to reach tens of millions of dollars . The most significant punitive damages awards in history have been obtained in jury trials against large corporations, insurance companies and government entities.

Chudnovsky law firm can help you get maximum compensation
How much does a personal injury lawyer cost?
Chudnovsky Law Cabinet handles personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. Their lawyers understand that clients are under significant emotional and financial stress after an accident and as a result, they do not impose additional expenses on you. The law firm covers the legal and other costs necessary to pursue your claim.

You pay nothing unless you win
By working on a contingency fee basis, the law firm is liable for legal fees and expenses if they do not collect damages for you. You pay nothing until they recover compensation for you. Call the Firm now and have your case assessed for free.

Free situational examination and advice
If you or a loved one are the victim of an accident, defective product or injury, Cabinet Chudnovsky can help. Their French-speaking lawyers are competent to pursue your right to compensation.

It doesn't matter who caused the injury – a big business, the government or an individual – the firm's attorneys are tenacious and will hold them accountable for their negligence and help you get just compensation.

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